It´s more than just music

Media Composer

Hi, my name is Arkadius and I help filmmakers with the sonic part of their story

I aim to add elements that actors or images can’t create alone.

For the most suitable soundscapes and emotions, I combine electronic and orchestral music with sound design.

I compose music for short and feature films, documentaries, trailers, and brands

What soundtrack do you need? 

Long story short

Having decided that music production is what I want to do professionally, I began to learn everything I needed to know. The range of courses studied ranges from digital music production to composition and orchestration as well as synthesizer programming. I gained experience in film music by working with filmmakers on short and feature films, as well as commercials and corporate presentations from the beginning. In that process, it was and continues to be a priority to me to add value to the film through music. This is without putting myself or my music in the spotlight. Nevertheless, I enjoy the applause at film premieres and am happy about reviews like this one from Wolfgang Brunner at Film Reviews: “The whole thing is underlined by an unbelievably intense, beautiful, sad, melancholic score by Arkadius Sojka that tugs at your heartstrings. This background music evokes an atmosphere that vacillates between unbearable longing and haunting melancholy, inevitably taking the viewer into the emotional world of the protagonist. It’s so intense what happens in those ten minutes.”

Every project is an opportunity to create something unique and meaningful.

Now,  let´s create something cool together

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