...more than just music

Music for Media

Hi, my name is Arkadius and I help filmmakers with the sonic part of their story

I aim to add elements that actors or images can’t create alone.

For the most suitable soundscapes and emotions, I combine electronic and orchestral music with sound design (and a secret ingredient).

I compose music for short and feature films, documentaries, trailers, and brands

What soundtrack do you need? 

Long story short

Born in 1971  >>fast forward>>  2009, a guy making music, crafting sounds, watching movies. Making music for movies was the logical conclusion. When my film music path began, I used almost every virtual instrument on the market and foley sounds to get the right mood and signature for the movies I was working on. Thank deadlines, I finished some music, otherwise, I would still be working on it today. Before I could develop my own style, I got my inspiration from great composers such as Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, and John Powell. Finally, my music is a mix of orchestral instruments and synthesizer sounds, sometimes only synthesizer sounds and rarely only orchestra. I also play the piano, but enough said…

Now,  let´s create something cool together

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